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Causes of electrical surges are:

* Lightning

*Utility Disturbances
*Repeated turning on / off of larger home appliances

Mississippi has one of the highest incidences of lightning strikes in the country. It is essential that YOU are protected from the potential damages that can occur from a lightning strike on or near your property. If your home has been struck by lightning, then you will likely be dealing with a fire and should be following the necessary steps for filing your insurance claim.

If an electrical surge happens, the benefits of a whole home surge protection system are:

*Major appliances, computers, and other electronic devices are protected from surges in electrical loads caused by lightning, damage to nearby power lines, or damage to nearby substations.

*Eliminates or reduces the need for multiple surge protection strips throughout your home.

*You may qualify to receive an additional discount on your homeowners’ insurance by showing you are doing everything possible to protect your belongings and reduce liability.

Whole House Surge Protection is essential to avoid damage to appliances or electrical devices. In severe instances, a surge can cause fire. If fire results from an electrical surge, you will need to replace more than just the occasional appliance or electronic device. You will likely have damage to your home requiring you to find other lodgings until it is repaired or replaced, replacement of clothing will be required due to smoke and fire damage, and family mementos or heirlooms will be lost forever.

We at AG Electric, LLC would like to prevent you from having to experience such a devastating event. We can do this by having our licensed and insured technicians perform a simple and, when compared to the potential for loss, extremely inexpensive installation at your breaker box. We use quality surge protection products to provide the best protection possible.

We offer an annual Service Partner Agreement which would ensure that any time you need an electrician, AG Electric, LLC will be available to you, will waive dispatch fees, and provides many additional benefits.

Using AG Electric, LLC's licensed and insured electricians for all of your electrical needs, provides safety, security, and peace of mind from a job done RIGHT the FIRST time!


Surge Protection  in Biloxi, MS

This unit is for your standard 200-400 amp single phase residential main panel application.


This unit is for a 200-800 amp 120/208V three phase commercial main panel application.


200-800 amp 120/208V 3-phase commercial main panel surge protection
200A-400A single phase residential main panel sycom whole house surge protector

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